M-Project – Blood, Sweat & Makina 2


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Artist: M-Project
Title: Blood, Sweat & Makina 2
Cat#: TFCD006
Released: August 3, 2014


01 Layers Of Time (feat. GUHROOVY)
02 Duality (feat. DJ DEPATH)
03 Makina Spirit (feat. DJ KAPITAL)
04 Bad Monkey (feat. Xmove)
05 Autumn Sunlight (feat. DJ DEPATH)
06 Pop It (feat. Gary MC)
07 Starlight (feat. Yuki)
08 Million Miles (feat. MC Steal)
09 The Last Trip (feat. DJ K-rrenyo&Jorge Zgz)
10 Nuclear Test (feat. Daniel Seven)
11 Blow Your Mind CHAPTER II (feat. Ruboy)


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