Arc Impulse+


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Title: Arc Impulse+
Catalog Number: AKCD-0006
Release Date: 2011/12/31


Chrono Trigger remix album, revisiting our first release with remastered, updated, and brand-new tracks!


1 Intro/俺は強い

2 Melancholia – Return of the Warrior

3 Black Ace – Green Memories

4 DJ T2Kazuya – The Core of R-66Y

5 Rex Buron – Courtroom Drumma

6 DJ DISITE – Back In Time

7 Shingo Dj – Zeal Princess

8 DJ Panopticon – The Wrath of God

9 DJ T2Kazuya – The Core of R-66Y (Shoujo Remix)

10 Rex Buron – Here comes THE MAN!

11 DJ LuvBazooka – Flare Blaster

12 Shingo DJ – Knight of the Square Table (3R2 Remix)

13 Helblinde – Timeless Journey

14 AxemRangers – Gato Retires To The Suburbs (Outro)


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