Allkore vs PynkXP – GAME RAVERZ 20XX


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Catalog Number: AKCD-0004/PXPT-0008
Release Date: 2010/12/31


Allkore teams up with the resurrected PynkXP to bring you a CD of banging’ video game remixes. Combining the long-awaited release of classic PynkXP tracks and new songs from Allkore regulars, GAME RAVERZ 20XX won’t disappoint!




1. DJ Shokomi – StarfighterZ

~Star Fox 64

2. Black Ace – BOOM!


3. Traffic Jammies – Crazy Climber

~Crazy Climber

4. Spy47 vs DJ Heero – Clone Of The Enders

~Zone of the Enders

5. Rex Buron – Hyperlink

~The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

6. DJ T2Kazuya – Access BBS

~Megaman: Battle Network

7. Melancholia – Dreamer’s Ballad

~The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

8. DJ Disite – Zero World

~Megaman Zero 4

9. DJ Shokomi – Legend of Speed 2201AD

~F-Zero GP Legend

10. DJ T2Kazuya – Walk In The Park

~Pokémon Gold and Silver

11. DJ Clonepa – Phantom Beats

~Final Fantasy 6

12. M.N. Style – Touhou Is Dead


13. Rex Buron – G-Dub

~Half-Life 2


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