Doujindance Radio – Plunderdome


Ahoy, Mateys! We’re back.

Doujindance radio presents – PLUNDERDOME
Gabber in the galley! Hakken on the high seas!

An online stream event focusing on such styles as early hardcore/gabber, Dutch hardcore, Frenchcore, and Speedcore. This crew goes hard!

Join us on deck with –

DJ Sharpnel [JP]
Roughsketch [JP]
Technorch [JP]
Hard Harmonizer [JP]
Noizenecio [JP]
t+pazolite [JP]
Komarovski [UKR]
DJ Maiden V [USA]
Round Wave Crusher [ARG]
AhoSome [FRA]
DJ Kentai [FRA]
D-tor [USA]
Oki Doki [AUS]
Ranzor VS D-Luc-D [AUS + UK]
DJKnuX VS Brainshit [GER]
Catalystic [AUS]
Geez [CZ]
Métalloïde [FR]
Lidan [GER]
DJ Casketkrusher [NL]
Yoko [GER]
Gabberbone [FR]
Power2All [NL]
Rathman [USA]


Settin’ sail on September 21st 3PM GMT+10

Times are in GMT+10 / AEST (Sydney, Australia)

Times are approximate, please allow up to 3 minutes of headroom.

3:00 PM – Gabberbone
3:55 PM – Yoko
4:55 PM – Oki Doki
6:05 PM – Lidan
6:35 PM – DJ Maiden V
7:35 PM – Komarovski
8:40 PM – AhoSome
9:45 PM – Hard Harmonizer
10:15 PM – RoughSketch
11:00 PM – QUIL
12:00 PM – DJKnuX VS Brainshit
01:05 AM – DJ Sharpnel
01:50 AM – Round Wave Crusher
02:50 AM – Ranzor VS D-Luc-D
03:55 AM – DJ Kentai
04:55 AM – Catalystic
05:25 AM – Rathman
06:00 AM – DJ Casketkrusher
07:00 AM – Power2All
08:00 AM – Métalloïde
08:30 AM – Geez
09:30 AM – D-tor
10:40 AM – t+pazolite
11:10 AM – Technorch
11:40 AM – Noizenecio

Note the following event start times globally.

Tokyo (Japan) – JST/UTC+9 – 21st September 2 PM
Taipei (Taiwan) – CST/UTC+8 – 21st September 1 PM
Amsterdam (Netherlands) CEST/UTC+2 – 21st September – 7 AM
Toronto (Canada – Ontario) EDT/UTC-4 – 21st September – 1 AM
Los Angeles (US – California) PDT/UTC-7 – 20th September – 10 PM
Moscow (Russia) – MSK/UTC+4 – 21st September – 9 AM

Streaming in high quality 320kbps MP3, and also 128kbps MP3 as alternate option. Be sure to join the chat channel where you can talk to listeners from all around the world.

Neko Nation – Doujindance Stall + Serotonin Symphony Vol 1

nnsyd22juneClick the flyer above to go to the Facebook event page

Neko Nation returns to Sydney on Saturday the 22nd of June, at the Imperial Hotel. The Doujindance stall will be operating for the first half of the night, everything on the webstore will be available for purchase. Prices will generally be cheaper than they are online, and you obviously won’t have to pay for shipping costs.

Prices will be at – $5, $10, $15, and $20. No awkward change handling!

There will be a bunch of free stuff to give away, including Doujindance – Serotonin Symphony Vol 1 – Featuring over four hours worth of awesome tunes mixed by D-Luc-D, D-tor, AhoSome, Zwackery, and MaidenV. (MP3 CD format). MP3 download links will also be released on the day.