Doujindance Radio – 2nd Strike – more details!

The second online radio stream event is currently set to take place on:

Wednesday 27th of February – 7PM GMT+11 (Sydney time)
Thursday 28th of February – 7PM GMT+11 (Sydney time)
Friday 1st of March – 7PM GMT +11 (Sydney time)

Hommarju [JPN]
Shingo DJ [ARG]
D-Tor [USA]
Adam Bristol [AUS]
AhoSome [FRA]
Madoka槫 [MY]
DJ Oki Doki [AUS]
Catalystic [AUS]
DJ D-Luc-D [UK]
Noc-V [AUS]
Essi [AUS]
Weeabooyah [AUS]
Round Wave Crusher [ARG]
Piumaki [ITA]
Kishuni [USA]

Same as before, the stream will have a strong focus on J-Core however it will not be limited to that alone. Expect to hear some UK Hardcore, Makina, Gabber, Hardstyle, and Speedcore. The stream runs at high quality 320kbps mp3.

So whether you’re already an avid listener of J-Core BANGERS or not, if you like your dance music hard and fast, you will surely hear something that gets your body moving.

Rave in your bedroom! Rave in your kitchen! Be sure to join the chat channel where you can talk to other listeners around the world about how awesome the current song is, and how much pain you’re in from kicking the table leg while you were dancing. Spread the word!

event2_flyer_finalSecond Strike Timetable

All times are in GMT+11 /Sydney time. Times are approximate, so leave a few minutes of headroom.

Facebook event page