AFK Promo CD


AFK Promo CD

1. Weeabooyah
(Mix recorded at Neko Nation Sydney, October 12th 2013)


XIO – Sapporo Hardcore Dream
XIO feat. Zoe VanWest – So In Love
DJ Genki – UP UP BEAT!!!!!!
走れ! – ももいろクローバー (DJ HKT’s BOOTLEG MIX)
P * Light – crazy_tek
3R2 – Milky Way Galaxy
源屋 – Makin’Love
3R2 & Ice – Prismatic Paradise
3R2 – Turn It Up
M-Project – Blood, Sweat & Makina
Lit & 3R2 – Time & Space
Xavi BCN & M-Project – Japan Spain Music Connection

2. Nubercated


Influx & S3rl Downunder Underground (Nubercated short edit)
Ltr Freedl3 – Make The Crowd Go (Joey Riot Remix)
Project Vee Feat. Mc Enemy – Raverbaby (Revision-X Remix)
Alex BassJunkie – Kamikaze (I can almost taste it!)
Fretman – Hardcore Terrorist
SPIT – The Beginning
S3rl & Haze – Street Fighter
S3rl – Princess Bubble Gum
Hoodzie – Jog On Kittes
Orbit 1 – Jibba Jabba
Orbit 1 – On The Beach
D-Lyte & Orbit 1 – Jibba Jabba
Compulsion & Orbit 1 – Got Any
Watergate – Merry Xmas Mr Lawrence (Orbit 1 Remix)
Dain Ja feat. Vicki Fee – Feelin So High (Milo Remix)
Shoujo – Shapeshifta
Steven Davidson – Killa
Eufeion – Super Bass
Chemical Imbalance – Hardcore Baby (Fuck The System)

3. Noc.V


Kors k feat. Yucacco – Are You Ready (DJ Shimamura Remix)
P*Light feat. Mow^2 – Look Up In The Sky
M-Neko vs Joshka – KDG (UK Hardcore Mix)
Kishida Kyōdan And The Akeboshi Rockets – Highschool Of The Dead (Noc.V Remix)
源屋 – Protorusion
P*Light – Poppin’ Shower (DJ Shimamura Remix)
DJ Genki feat. Yucacco – Starlit Sky
Noc.V – So At Home
P*Light – Sunshine Star]
源屋 – Next Stay (Rhythmics Remix)
Livetune feat. Hatsune Miku – Tell Your World (Noc.V Remix)
LV.4 – RUN!!
JAKAZiD – See It Coming
T2Kazuya – Landing Field

4. Zwackery
(Episode 99 – Zwackery’s House Of Fun on DI.FM Hardcore Channel)


Klubfiller & Octane – Drop That Beat
Alex BassJunkie & Riche – Down Low
Darren Styles & Michael Scout – Forever
Anon – F00king Animals
Darren Styles & Michael Scout – Without You
Chris Unknown & Re-Con – My Love
XIO feat Zoe VanWest – Raise Your Heart
Eufeion- I’m A Zombie
Stomppy Vs Hyperforce & IYF – Virtual DJ
Eufeion & Konekshon – Play The Theme
Nobody and Nurd – Bass Down Low Joey Riot Vs Tom Revolution Remix
IYF – Crime
Nobody & IYF-WHUB Joey Riot Vs Tom Revolution Remix
Miss Special K – My Territory
Virtue & Slammer – Dont Go (Gammer Final Remix)
Dj Entity ft Amy – Stargazer (Reese remix)

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