Doujindance is a J-Core / Doujin music community & webstore based in Sydney, Australia. Our main focus is on spreading J-Core, and genres associated to that particular scene, to the international market. We currently stock a small (but growing!) selection of J-Core releases imported from Japan, and have hosted multiple online streaming events, as well as our “AFK” party in Sydney.

Importing J-Core / Doujin music can often be an expensive hobby, we work directly with labels and distributors so that we can offer reasonable pricing, regardless of if you’re ordering as little as one album, or as many as twenty. All items shown on the website are shipped from Sydney, Australia. International shipping is also available. Prices are in AUD. Only items that are currently in stock are shown on the website.

We are currently able to stock and source releases from the following labels:

Burning Chrome Records
Dynasty Records
Japanese Stream Hardcore
Maddest Chick’ndom
Mob Squad Black Label
Mob Squad Tokyo
Prismatic Music
Psycho Filth Records
Solidbox Records
Terraform Music
X-Treme Hard


Please forward all queries and feedback to – James (at) doujindance.com